Video Tour Of Hilarities Comedy Club | Cleveland

The first video of many comedy club tours in the USA starts in Cleveland. Hilarities Comedy Club is located inside Pickwick and Frolic and I was fortunate enough to watch the talented Tom Papa and Erica Rhodes as they were in town.

Pickwick and Frolic is a large drinking and dining venue suitable for all sorts of entertaining events.

The decor creates a very welcoming atmosphere and allows your experience to soar with every bite and sip.

Apart from burlesque, karaoke and bands, underneath is what I really wanted to visit: The Hilarities Comedy Club.

This is quite the gem if you ever find yourself in Cleveland seeking a laugh!

The History of Hilarities Comedy Club

Hilarities has been around since 1985 and adds to the rich history of Cleveland.

Once separated between a performance space, and a restaurant, the two concepts came together to make a special place for any visitor.

The motivation for creating this venue came when the owner Nick Kostis saw a photo on the cover of a magazine portraying Short Vincent.

He was so moved by the intimacy and richness of the East 4th street photograph, that he wanted to make a contribution to the street.

And the rest was 'history'!

The Pickwick and Frolic Restaurant

What makes the restaurant and performances so important is the attention to detail.

The colors, the drapery, the plates, the seating and so much more has been taken into serious consideration for someone like you in mind.

This multi-entertainment complex spans 27,000 square feet and even though there are many rooms within it, each one is in the open and not closed off.

It is a mix-match of experiences creating one whole. A part of parts.

Apart from the way the venue is set up, is how you experience their menus, the presentations, and the dining.

The Food and Drink Menu

Over the years, the venue has perfected its cuisine, its cocktails (try the martini's), champagne and beers.

3 Facts about the Food

  1. The food is part of the stage
    The kitchen is out in the open, which for me is a great touch to the dining experience. The room is filled with the flames heating the dishes, and how much preparation of your food goes into play before it is presented to you.
  2. Before adding a new dish in the menu, a meeting is called and the entire staff tries the food
    If you watch the video below you can see that every dish is taken into high consideration not only by those in charge, but also the staff; so everyone is on the same page about the experience.
  3. There are different experts for each food and drink category
    This one fact is what is really impressive. There are experts on site about every category in the menu. From meat, to champagne, to beers and cocktails!

The Hilarities Comedy Club Stage

There are two levels to the seating areas and every seat has a direct view to the stage with no obstructions.

The lighting sets up a theater feel and when it begins to fill up you can already feel a great show is about to be seen.

The audience is a mix of locals and tourists coming down the cellar of the restaurant to catch special acts.

When I was in town I came at the right moment to catch Tom Papa who was working on the material for the new Netflix special!

This venue is considered to be an A room, which is lingo for touring comedians whenever they perform in a venue with great exposure, pay, amenities and attendees in the audience.

It certainly shows!

Overall Experience

Pickwick and Frolic was one of the most unique places I visited while I was in Downtown Clevelend.

The food, the customized interiors and the multi-leveled experiences along with the talented performers I witnessed made the night.

In hindsight I wish I had more space in my stomach to try more dishes.

However, because there is so much to do, you will leave with a feeling that you know you will be visiting again soon!

I highly recommend this venue whenever you are seeking a night out in Cleveland.

Comedy Calendar Tom Papa at Hilarities Comedy Club

Comedian Tom Papa

Comedy Calendar Erica Rhodes at Hilarities Comedy Club

Comedian Erica Rhodes

Complete Video Tour By New Day Cleveland of Pickwick and Frolic and Hilarities Comedy Club

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