Quick Interview with Comedian Russell Peters

After a weekend of sold out shows at the Orlando Improv, I was able to score an exclusive interview with Comedian Russell Peters in the green room.

One of the most renown comedians of our times on a worldwide level, Russell is one of the most welcoming comedians I've ever encountered.

Not only did Russell allow this interview to happen to get Comedy Calendar started with bang, but also giving me an opportunity to perform and share the stage to an international crowd as his opener.

In this interview, we touch upon how we talk to the women we love, how crowds differ, and about his new special on Amazon Prime Video titled Deported.

We also touch upon how a comedian at his level decides to give other comedians a chance on his stages because he never received opportunities like this when he was getting started, so he shares as much as he can.

After seeing Russell perform 5 back to back shows at the Improv, you can glimpse into just how talented and creative his stand up really is.

Every show was different except for a seed of about 20 minutes of him working on his new special.

It was quite a thrill to see a comedian of this status hammering out his new hour and working on the crowd.

Russell's ability to create a comedy atmosphere for people of all sorts of backgrounds is impressive.

Europeans, Caribbean, Asian and more were in attendance and were all sharing the laughs all night long.

Russell may just be a key to achieving world peace because I've never seen so much joy among such a diverse group in such a short amount of time!

A big thanks to Russell Peters for being a great comedian and person.

More Comedy Calendar interviews to come...

Manny Garavito is the owner and founder of Comedy Calendar. He enjoys meeting new people and hearing a good joke. As a fan of comedy and stand up comedian, he seeks to help as many people as possible find a way to laugh everyday.