Top 5 American Cities For Live Comedy Shows

Live Comedy Shows Thrive In These 5 American Cities

Some cities really have the finger on the pulse when it comes to keeping comedy alive.

As we were building Comedy Calendar, we noticed some of the American cities that always had plenty of comedy shows happening almost on a daily basis.

With plenty of venue options, performer rotations, and showtimes, we decided to share with you some of the areas where comedy is thriving.

In the making of this blog, we also took into consideration many other sources that agreed these locations to be some of the best to find comedy shows.

And we crossed-check the sources with other related articles, such as this study of the funniest cities in America.

Because in order for a comedy scene to grow, there must be the people within it that have the personalities to seek laughs!

Here is a quick breakdown of what we've discovered where the areas are with the most laughs.

1. Chicago

Chicago Comedy Shows

Chi-town is where variety happens between live performance formats like improvisation and stand up comedy shows occur.

With a wonderful downtown area encompassing skyscrapers, aesthetic architecture and a close to 3 million residents, it's no surprise to see one of America's most beloved cities to have a great industry for live comedy shows.

Especially when its known to house renown comedy clubs like Zanies, The Laugh Factory and the prestigious Second City Improvisation troupe.

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2. Washington, DC

Washington DC Comedy Calendar

"Politics and Cynics" according to the research. It makes sense to us!

You know that when it comes to comedy, there's no better way than making fun of authority and stating the hilarious truth.

With popular comedy TV shows such as the Daily Show, you have plenty of material to talk and laugh about here!

Great comedy clubs and a solid line up of comedians reside in the area, including the DC Improv.

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3. Los Angeles

Los Angeles Comedy Calendar

LA is where stars are born.

People in comedy flock to this great city to find opportunity in television, movies and working their craft in live performance spaces.

This is where A LOT of comedy work can be found.

The comedy clubs here are known to have ongoing line ups lasting up until the AM sometimes.

And the rosters name some prestigious comedians squeezing into the shows!

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4. New York

New York City Comedy Shows

The Mecca of Comedy Clubs, is in New York City. Especially if you're seeking gritty stand up comedy.

Known comedy clubs and comedians are breeding in all the crevices in this city. If you want to make it as a comedian, nothing will get you smarter of the business than the Big Apple.

My personal theory as to why comedy thrives so well here is the big melting pot of culture sharing so many public spaces; leaving comedians no choice but to find the sweet spot of humor in their acts.

You can find a little bit of everywhere in this city, and that's why it called the capital of the world!

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5. Las Vegas

Las Vegas Comedy Shows

Even though the research mentioned in the beginning of this article referenced Las Vegas as the least funniest city in America, we disagree.

The reason why is because this city is teeming with live events.

As a matter of fact, apart from the casinos, we believe this city has the most live performances per square mile.

Not only does this city bring in comedy in many forms such as magic shows and celebrity performances but also is home for the brand new location of NYC's own Comedy Cellar at The Rio!

To see a Comedy Calendar of Las Vegas, click here.

What Other City Should Be In This List?

If you want to see some other cities in America famous for housing a plethora of comedy shows, leave us a comment below!

Manny Garavito is the owner and founder of Comedy Calendar. He enjoys meeting new people and hearing a good joke. As a fan of comedy and stand up comedian, he seeks to help as many people as possible find a way to laugh everyday.