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So you're looking to get a laugh, a chuckle, a guffaw or a funny night out as soon as possible. Yet, there isn't really a convenient way to find all the comedy shows happening in your area.

There seems to be a lot of clutter when it comes to finding the live entertainment that really makes it easy for the laughter to come around.

Things like reviews, flyers, searches, and who's performing where, and how to get tickets. It's almost like writing a research paper.

And as we all know: if you force the jokes - it just ain't fun...

Well, we've put together the best way to find the funny fast!

Have you ever gotten one of those calendars that had the joke of the day in them?

Imagine that, but online and for live comedy shows.

Find All The Comedy Shows In Your City Fast!

Introducing Comedy Calendar!

If you are a fan of comedy, you now have a source of uncovering the funny shows in your city.

Whether it be an intimate comedy club, a lively theater, or a roaring stadium; you can see who's in town, when and how to get tickets.

Our convenient and easy to use calendar system allows you to discover event options where you will have a good time in the click of a button.

It's as simple as searching for the city you live in and BAM, the results will appear faster than a well timed punchline.

Why Did We Build This?

Laughing really is something we believe everyone should have access too.

Just the same way you go see a chiropracter, get a massage, choose restaurants, and decide what movies to see; we want you to have this kind of selection when it comes to humor.

And as comedy fans, we are going to make comedy much more accessible for those searching for comic relief!

Click below to get started in looking up your next comedy getaway. Be sure to enroll and becoming a free member for more perks and benefits.

Easy To Navigate Comedy Guide

Just like Netflix, you can search the results and pick out the kind of entertainment, venue, and performer you're willing to see.

The card opens up showtimes, ticket prices, addresses and contact information to make a wise decision on all the wisecracks in your area.

I know, it's almost too good to be true. We invite you to give it a try.

Manny Garavito is the owner and founder of Comedy Calendar. He enjoys meeting new people and hearing a good joke. As a fan of comedy and stand up comedian, he seeks to help as many people as possible find a way to laugh everyday.